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Temporary exhibition

Touched by Pablo Y Mayaya

from 20th May to 30th September

"Pablo Y Mayaya" is the brand of the famous Spanish hatters duo composed by Pablo Merino and Mayaya Cebrián. Sharing a vision where tradition joins modernity, Pablo and Mayaya dedicate themselves to the creation and personalization of beautiful hats and headdresses guaranteeing that each piece receives a little of their soul. Their hats have already travelled the world and adorned many heads including that of Queen Letizia of Spain who is one of the usual patrons of Pablo Y Mayaya. With this exhibition, the Hat Museum intends to make a retrospective of this fantastic brand of hats and the career of its creators.
Thursdays at the museums

Thursdays at the museums

Free guided tour + dinner with 10% discount

Every Thursdays in August

During the month of August, on Thursdays, the Hat Museum, the Shoe Museum and the Fábrica dos Sentidos Restaurant give visitors a special guided tour followed by a dinner (10% discount).
Museums in the pool

Museums in the pool

In the municipal swimming pools

Every Tuesday and Thursday of August

Every Tuesday and Thursday of August, the Educational Service of the Hat Museum and the Shoe Museum goes to the municipal swimming pools to develop playful activities of exploration of the collections and the contents of the exhibitions.
Wednesdays at the Museum

Thematic visits

Every wednesdays

All Wednesdays the Hat Museum offers thematic visits to its exhibitions and special creative workshops. Contact the Educational Service, choose your favourite visit and workshop and book it quickly. Registrations are limited.
Educational Service

I am from the times of hats

Programme for senior people

This project aims to provide its visitors entertaining and relaxing moments, developing visits to the museum’s exhibitions in order to stimulate their emotional appropriation of the space, and pedagogical workshops to stimulate their mental exercise, interaction and human relations. Available activities upon previous request.


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