25, 26, and 27 September 2020

Under the theme "Heritage and Education", the aim is to raise awareness of the role of heritage in education, of the role of education in heritage and of the richness and complexity of this relationship - in literature, the arts, monuments, dance, theater, in the landscape, in games, in museums, in photography, in archaeological sites or in music, among many others.

Thus, the Shoe Museum and Hat Museum offer you a set of activities for all ages. Visits to heritage, visits to museums, virtual visits and pedagogical challenges.



25 and 26 set | 11h00 | Visits to the heritage of S. João da Madeira

Discover the history and richness of S. João da Madeira’s industrial and cultural heritage in a unique visit to the main historical points of the city.


25 and 26 set | 14h00 and 16h00 | Discovering the city’s museums

Discovering the stories hidden in the city’s museums is always an adventure that is never said no. In these visits to the Hat Museum and Shoe Museum, fun comes first.


27 sep | 11h00 | Game-Visit to the Hat Museum


27 sep | 16h00 | Game-Visit to the Footwear Museum


We are waiting for you!

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