Macrame workshop

02 November 2016

Macrame workshop

On the 19th of November the Hat Museum will hold a macrame workshop.

Macrame technique uses a series of simple and continuous knots that by intersecting each other allows the creation of absolutely beautiful decoration items.

Let yourself be surprised with this ancient technique and find out how you can create the most functional and decorative objects just by using a single thread.

This workshop will be conducted by Sónia Rocha.

Hats restoration workshop

01 November 2016

Hats restoration workshop

On the 10 th of December the Hat Museum will hold a hats restoration workshop.
This workshop intends to teach some of the basic and most fundamental techniques in felt hats restoration process such as making laces, applying feathers, ribbons and laces and, obviously, the felt blocking process.
This workshop is a very special one because it has the participation of Mrs. Deolinda Silva, a former hatter that worked of for more than 30 years in the finishing section of the Empresa Industrial de Chapelaria factory. Presently she is also a guide of the Museum`s Educational Service.
The workshop is composed of a guided tour to the museum`s exhibitions and, then, the practical session.

For further information please contact the Educational Service over the telephone +351 256 201 680 or by email