Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Network of Museums

26 March 2024

Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Network of Museums

The Hat Museum was present at the Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Network of Museums - Strategies and perspectives, which took place on March 21 at the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo.


In this event, took place the accreditation ceremony of the 4 new museums of RPM: Museu do Oriente, Museu Medeiros de Almeida - Artes Decorativas, Museu Municipal Santos Rocha and Museu das Artes de Sintra, to which we welcome.


This was also the moment of election of 3 RPM representatives, of central, local and private administration.

The director of the Hat Museum, Tânia Reis, was one of the nominees to join the list of possible representatives of the Portuguese Network of Museums, in the category "Local Administration".


Of the 165 museums belonging to RPM, only 15 possible representatives were appointed, 5 per category.


Although not elected to the position, this appointment is a recognition of the work done by the staff of the Hat Museum.


Our congratulations to the colleagues who were elected to represent RPM:

> In Central Administration: Vítor do Castelo, Angra do Heroísmo Museum.

> In Local Administration: Andreia Conceição, from the Maritime Museum of Sesimbra

> In Private Administration: Isabel Víctor, from the Sporting Museum.


The diversity of the museums of the elected representatives demonstrates the richness and variety of the Portuguese museum landscape, and we are confident that they will play a key role in strengthening and promoting our museums.