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New Year, New Hat

A disused hat, cap or beret can become a work of art built as a family.

Bring your hats and have fun at the Hat Museum.



My hero’s hat! What is my power? Peter Pan was an eternal boy and could fly, with the help, of course, of Tinker Bell’s magic dust. Popeye, on the other hand, needed spinach to gain a force never seen before. What if we created a hat with superpowers?



A nest nestled in my head

Bird nests are grand or discreet, sturdy or delicate. They can be made of the most diverse materials and be the ideal home of the various species of birds. They come with spring and it would be amazing if they landed on our head...



Carnations to dream of freedom

50 years later, carnations still remember the Revolution.  And because it’s April, let’s dream of freedom, make many carnations and put them in our highest place: our head.



Flowers that hide magical beings

When we walk in a garden or in a forest, how can we be sure that flowers and plants are not just hats of magical beings that hide in the landscape? How about we use one just like it?



Hats from around the world

The word world also means humanity. In their differences, all peoples have several aspects in common. Wearing the hat is one of them. And only he tells a lot about each individual and people who used it and uses it, keeping ancestral memories, which we can imagine from the exhibition of the Museum "Hats of the World".



Newspaper news makes hats

Before we played making hats with newspaper sheets, the men who printed them used them seriously. They were called the "hats of the men of the press". Inspired by them we will give wings to the imagination and cut and paste and sculpt. All with letters in sight!



Sun, sand and sea stories

By the sea, sitting on the sand, we protect the head from the sun and imagine stories of long journeys: of pirates, sailors and brave navigators. We imagine that, when they left, it would be with a hat that waved to who was in the port. Let’s illustrate this story? In a stone, in a shell, in a hat, in the rest of anything that also comes from the sea.



Works of art with hat What hat would look good on Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa? What if we changed the bowler hat to the Son of Man, by René Magritte? What if Van Gogh’s hat was another? Let’s try it and frame it?



My shadow theater

The shadow theater is a very old art. An art that enchants adults and children, full of shadows that parade in our imagination. In a cardboard box will fit some silhouettes and many stories. Then, just light the flashlight and: let the story begin!



Once upon a time the color was brown

Chestnuts, acorns and pine cones are just a few examples of what nature offers us at this time, to create very funny figures. And if we add color, wool or felt, the fun is guaranteed!



Decorating Christmas is always special! 

It is believed that having Christmas decorations for longer at home allows you to prolong the feeling of happiness. We could not wish more for this block! Let’s get to work and color our house, from the Museum!


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