from 08th April 2018 to 23th September 2018

from 08th April 2018 to 23th September 2018

“Harvy Santos. Eight Seasons” is the first exhibition of the new program season of the Hat Museum dedicated, in 2018, to the subject “Creating between worlds. From head to toe”.

Harvy Santos is a young hat designer and headpieces that, presently, lives in London.

Born in the Phillipines, Harvy Santos is influenced by a diverse set of cultural and religious dinamics, such as the emotional Marian processions of Catholic devotion that end up dictating his own way of being and seeing the world.

But avant-garde high fashion, pop culture, punk rock and drag performers are also inspirational elements that Harvy fuses with the more traditional elements of his origins. His pieces combine exquisite beauty with a cheeky theatricality in such a way that, today, he is considered as one of the most promising hat designers of our days.

With this exhibition, Portugal welcomes this designer’s exceptionally creative work for the first time. Divided into 8 different collections, the exhibition showcases 81 hats produced between 2014 and 2017.