from 11th October 2021 to 2nd May 2022

With the exhibition “Francesco Ballestrazzi. Not Just a Fairy Tale”, Portugal welcomes, for the first time, the work of one of the most original and talented milliners of today.

Francesco Ballestrazzi was born in Carpi, a municipality in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, known for its cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscapes, elements that had great influence on the development of this creator’s personality and sensibility.

In Milan, where he lives and works, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, after which he began his professional career, first as an illustrator of children’s books, then through a fleeting experience in the world of dance and finally entering the world of fashion. Collaborations with major designers and fashion labels such as Alexander McQueen or Moschino brought him renewed knowledge and experience, to which he added a greater creative freedom.

Looking to make a journey of discovery to his creative “Self”, in 2011, Francesco Ballestrazzi launched the label “Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats & Creations”, with which he started to give shape to what would become visual expressions of his dreams and inspirations.

Divided into 10 different collections and featuring 72 pieces, produced between 2013 and 2021, the exhibition “Not Just a Fairy Tale” invites us to embark on a dream and fantasy journey to Francesco Ballestrazzi’s alternative universes.



opening :: October 11, 2020

closing :: September 19, 2021


“Donna Hartley Millinery. A touch of elegance ”is the new temporary exhibition at the Hat Museum. The Donna Hartley Millinery brand emerged in May 2015, born out of the deep friendship between a hat designer and a plastic artist. To Donna Hartley’s expertise in the traditional design and manufacture of hats and headdresses joins Joanne Jones’ creative exuberance and artistic view.

Donna Hartley Millinery pieces perfectly combine a delicate balance between chic Parisience style, Spanish extravagance and British refinement with a unique style for any occasion.



opening :: October 11, 2019

closing :: September 13, 2020


Marianne Jongkind considers herself a perfectionist who does not rest until she can faithfully recreate the piece she mentally devised. This is because Marianne does not rest until her sketches are perfect. Your mind is the sketchbook and your eyes the catalog where you combine, with great mastery, a great color palette with the best materials. Her hands, the tools of rigor and perfection that so characterize her and bring to life the most beautiful and extravagant hats and headdresses. Owner of a very peculiar style, Marianne Jongkind stands out for the use of elegant lines and eccentric voluminous and almost geometric shapes that refer to one of her favorite sources of inspiration: architecture. "Marianne Jongkind. 55 Years of Hat Couture" is thus the starting point for the construction of a unique biographical exhibition that will be presented for the first time at the Hat Museum and in Portugal.

araceli sancho


opening :: May 18, 2019

closing :: September 29, 2019


Inserted in the programming cycle of the Museum of Chapelaria for 2019, entitled “Create between worlds. From head to toe ”, this temporary exhibition brings Araceli Sancho to Portugal for the first time, a Valencian hat designer with a studio in the small town of Teruel.

Multidisciplinary by nature, Araceli Sancho works in different conceptual areas that include historical recreations, visual and scenic arts and, of course, fashion and design. International recognition as a hatmaker emerges from the combination of his passion for fashion and creative design, the driving force behind Araceli Sancho’s creativity, with the exemplary mastery of traditional hat-making techniques.



opening :: October 11, 2018

closing :: April 28, 2019


Estibalitz Diaz de Durana is a hat designer from Bilbao, Spain, who has always been fascinated by the sheen and touch of the fabrics.

His pieces, intense and full of strength, stand out for the richness and luxury of the materials and accessories used, for the strength and intensity of the themes portrayed and for a peculiar surrealist aesthetic. “Estibalitz Diaz de Durana. Between hats and dreams” presents the dream universe that makes up the work of this original designer and makes her stand out in the fashion world.



opening :: April 08, 2018

closing :: September 23, 2018


Harvy Santos is a young hat designer and headpieces that, presently, lives in London.

Born in the Phillipines, Harvy Santos is influenced by a diverse set of cultural and religious dinamics, such as the emotional Marian processions of Catholic devotion that end up dictating his own way of being and seeing the world.

But avant-garde high fashion, pop culture, punk rock and drag performers are also inspirational elements that Harvy fuses with the more traditional elements of his origins. His pieces combine exquisite beauty with a cheeky theatricality in such a way that, today, he is considered as one of the most promising hat designers of our days.

With this exhibition, Portugal welcomes this designer’s exceptionally creative work for the first time. Divided into 8 different collections, the exhibition showcases 81 hats produced between 2014 and 2017.



opening :: October 15, 2017

closing :: March 31, 2018


Maor Zabar is an Israeli hat designer whose pieces stand out for their originality and eccentricity and who take as their main source of inspiration their life story and personal experience as a fashion designer and costume designer for the theater. Each hat and head cover, made of felt, natural linen or delicate silks, is carefully worked, sewn and artistically painted by hand to give rise to what Maor Zabar calls “Perfect Creation”. Insects, flowers, food, toys or folk tales are just some of its collections and each of them takes on broad styles and facets ranging from realism to parody. And whoever wears them is sure that, with a hint of humor, they will feel glamorous.



opening :: May 20, 2017

closing :: September 24, 2017


”Pablo Y Mayaya” is the brand of the famous Spanish hatters duo composed by Pablo Merino and Mayaya Cebrián. Sharing a vision where tradition meets modernity, Pablo and Mayaya dedicate themselves to the creation and personalization of beautiful hats and headdresses, ensuring that each piece receives a little of its soul. Her hats have traveled the world and adorned many heads, including that of Queen Letizia of Spain, who is one of Pablo Y Mayaya’s regular clients. With this exhibition, the Museu da Chapelaria intends to make a retrospective of this fantastic hat brand and the career of its creators.